The Dark Hole ( Inspirational Poem)

By: Madelyn Dittbenner

Photo by Iswanto Arif on Unsplash

I once fell in the hole

It was dark, lonely, and I was scared

I felt like no one understood, i just knew it wasn’t fair

So I finally started to yell out, that I was stuck in the hole

I needed help, and I wanted people to know

Finally someone came, and they pulled me up with their hand

when I got out of the hole, I saw all of the beautiful land

I saw the sunny sky, and the feeling of warmth in my hands

I never thought it would get better, but all it took was a helping hand

A little bit of motivation, and telling yourself that you can

So if you fell in the hole, by telling yourself that you can’t

It’s not the end, all you need is a helping hand.